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    a dangerous joy

    STAGE PRODUCTION BY: TERRY LOMAX “Guten tag – my name is Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I was executed in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945 for conspiring to assassinate Adolf Hitler.  My story, and the stories of millions who perished during the Holocaust, must never be forgotten.  Please consider supporting our stage play a dangerous joy, written and directed by Terry Lomax. This one act play depicts the darkest hour of my life and explores the passion I carried for Truth and Life.” Who will overcome evil with a dangerous joy? Theologian, spy, and social activist, Dietrich was a man of great conviction whose life influenced Martin Luther King Jr. and countless…

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    Focus on Small Town America

    As a movie maker I want to focus on the small town life. The rural farm towns that make America a great place to live. Our Main Street USA locations are full of touching stories and people with challenges, struggles and victories. This is the setting for my movie that is in it’s writing phase. It will be a small town Christmas movie full of the wonder and magic of Christmas. Army of God Studios | Brush Prairie, Washington

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    Feature Film: Yusef’s Flower

    This blockbuster film akin to Red Dawn is in it’s writing stage. To be filmed in the Pacific Northwest under the watchful eye of its creator; Alan Espasandin. Please join me on a journey of God’s power in the face of certain death.  This movie will move you and give you hope for humanity. Yusef’s Flower; Writing Phase Creator: Alan Espasandin Writer: Terry Lomax Co-Writer: Alan Espasandin Director: Assistant Director: Executive Producer: Alan Espasandin Producers; Filmed by aog.studio in Washington State Cast and Crew: TBA Yusef The name Yusef is a baby boy name. Meaning Hebrew Baby Names Meaning: The name Yusef is a Hebrew Baby Names baby name. In Hebrew Baby…